Old Appleton Bridge
Old Appleton Bridge

Old Appleton Iron Bridge: 

Bridging the gap between land and people

Built in 1879 the Old Appleton Iron bridge is undoubtedly an area landmark known by locals and travelers alike. Connecting counties, communities and families for generations the Old Appleton Bridge has allowed travelers safe passage back and forth across the Apple Creek for years by horseback, wagons, motorcycles, automobiles and truck of various sizes and shapes…today it is only accessible by foot.  
The once dominant bridge lost its battle against the raging high waters during the December flood of 1982. Being swept from its piers and over the dam it took the towns people of Old Appleton nearly twenty-seven years to finally get their bridge back where it belonged connecting both sides of their town which is divided by the creek. The Old Appleton bridge is not the oldest iron bridge in the state of Missouri, but it is believed to be oldest wrought-iron highway bridge still in its original location in Missouri. 
Conveniently located next to Missouri State Highway 61, visitors are invited to stroll across the historical and locally famous bridge, take a pause midway, peer over the sides and ponder a time gone by of horse and buggies, model T Fords and a town once vibrant with trade, commerce and travel. 
If you would like a personalize tour of the bridge and pictorial history in the Old Town Tavern call 573-587-1461. Parking accessible on Perry County side.