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As we welcome many couples and families into our community this weekend with The Bank of Missouri Spring Classic and the 34th Annual Perryville Mayfest Festival we wanted to share 5 great activities to do while you are enjoying your weekend with us! 


1. Missouri's National Veterans Memorial 
1172 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Perryville, MO 63775

If you have never had the opportunity to visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington D.C. here is your chance! This awe-inspiring EXACT full-scale sister wall of the Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C. offers veterans, civilians and those currently serving a place in the Midwest to reflect on the sacrifices of all service men and women. Reflect and honor in a quiet, peaceful setting that only Perryville can offer. History, Art and Healing. Museum and gift shop on site.


2. St. Mary's of the Barren and Rosary Walk
1701 West St. Joseph Street, Perryville, MO 63775

Nationally recognized, the Shrine and church have welcomed visitors since 1818. Decorated with beautiful paintings and intricate design work on the walls and ceilings make it a masterpiece. Gift shop on site. Rosary Walk is a 35-minute walk options for visitors. Easy stroll, flower gardens, natural areas, WWI outdoor grotto, plenty of benches, shade and breathtaking marble and bronze statues from Italy.


3. Mayfest Craft Fair
Downtown Square, Perryville

This event will take place on Saturday, May 11th from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and will showcase hundreds of area craft vendors around the beautiful and historic downtown Perryville Square. Food trucks and vendors along with events, music and a carnival can be found at Perryville Mayfest.


4. Movie at the Perry Park Center : Breakthrough
800 City Park Drive, Perryville, MO 63775

Based on the inspirational true story of one mother’s unfaltering love in the face of impossible odds. When Joyce Smith’s adopted son John falls through an icy Missouri lake, all hope seems lost. But as John lies lifeless, Joyce refuses to give up. Her steadfast belief inspires those around her to continue to pray for John’s recovery, even in the face of every case history and scientific prediction. MPAA Rating: PG


5. SplashPad 
Miget Park, French Lane

If the weather holds off Sunday, you need to slip over to the newly constructed Splash Pad that was just finished Spring 2019. This great feature will cool you off and provide tons of fun for the kiddos in a safe, controlled environment, close to The Bank of Missouri Soccer Park. 


For more information, visit other pages on our website! And don't forget, to come back and visit! 


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Hadler Shoe Tree

I threw my first pair of shoes in 2015. Years of shoes were already there. I had written with permanent marker on an old pair of sneakers “Tourism 2015”. Before I threw them, I may have said a little prayer to be able to “fill the shoes” of being named Perry County’s first official tourism director. I may have also made a wish that I could share more of what makes Perry County so unique and special.

As I tossed, slung and threw that old pair of shoes over and over I quickly realized that this was not as easy as it looks. But throw after throw we smiled, giggled and laughed out loud at our pointless efforts to sling a pair of old shoes into a tree alongside a country gravel road.

Up until recently, area locals had just referred to it as “The Shoe Tree” and what was the significance, the purpose behind this odd collection? Well, not every action has to start out with a purpose or meaning does it? But sometimes when you have all the right “things” it just happens, and a tradition is born. I’m sure Willard Hadler had no intension of creating a tradition with his family when they slung their first pair. Willard and Glenda had seen another shoe tree on vacation out “west” years ago and thought it looked like something fun to do and they were right!

Over the years some key throwing techniques have emerged from repeat visitors honing their skills.

·         Slinging by shoestrings

·         The backwards throw

·         Boomerang method

·         Or the wind-up

The next time you are at the Shoe Tree take a minute to thinks about these “things”:

·         Appreciate the natural landscape of rural Perry County.

·         Take a deep breath of clean country air, most of the time we take that for granted.

·         Say a prayer, make a wish or just release some stress as you catapult your old soles. You make the reason or don’t need a reason at all to do this.

·         Remember the shoes are as different as the personalities of the people who have thrown them up there.

·         It’s pure fun for all ages.

·         Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Laughter is always good for the world.

·         Take family or friends. It’s a perfect time to create a fun memory.

·         And celebrate your victory when you snag a branch!

The shoe tree is open 365 days a year but the Hadler family is hoping to create an annual day event for shoe slinging in January. Check out our explore page and calendar for upcoming dates.

 Photo credit: Nature's Passion Photography by Jackie Johnson

Republic Monitor Newspaper Article, link here.

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Year End Review: 2018

We have been working so hard, we wanted to share some really big accomplishments for the Perry County Tourism office during 2018. We wanted to make it short and sweet… but let’s face it the list is LONG! Check them out!

  • Earned two awards from the Missouri Department of Tourism!
    • Innovator Award :: awarded to Perry County Heritage Tourism by the Missouri Division of Tourism at the 2018 Governor's Conference on Tourism. Perryville and Perry County's efforts during the Great American Eclipse were recognized with this year's Innovator award. What a great way to celebrate Perryville and Perry County's significance on this event and the impact we have made locally and around the world.
    • Rising Star Award :: awarded to Trish Erzfeld, Perry County Tourism Director by the Missouri Division of Tourism at the 2018 Governor's Conference on Tourism
  • Delta Leadership Institute Executive Academy Graduate: Our Tourism Director, Trish Erzfeld participated and graduated from The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) ‘s Delta Leadership Institute (DLI) Executive Academy. The program equips participants with the tools, experiences and networks that will help them create new economic opportunities in Delta communities as well as support the growth of the region’s economy. LINK:
  • Worked with local, state and regional newspaper/magazine sources to showcase the events, programs and projects going in and around Perryville and Perry County, Missouri. This includes the following publications: Southeast Missourian, 573 Magazine and Missouri Life
  • Created and implemented the Perry County Barn Quilt Trail with the help of local volunteers and artists throughout Perry, Bollinger and Cape Girardeau Counties. This trail brings families and individuals to our region to view barn quilts and enjoy the hospitality of Perryville and all of Perry County. This also includes a brand new printed brochure, after securing financial assistance from the Missouri Humanities Council.
  • Lead the marketing efforts for the 14th Annual Christmas Country Church Tour, bringing in thousands of steeple chasers from all over Southeast Missouri, the state of Missouri and the Midwest Region. This highly visible and attended event brings tourism tax dollars to the county each year.
  • Supported and promoted the Smithsonian Exhibit: Hometown Teams, hosted by the Perry County Historical Society bringing together the community and visitors from the region.
  • Promoted local activities to the Perryville Soccer fall tournament attendees from neighboring communities throughout Southeast Missouri.
  • Supported and attended the International History Conference in Altenburg, Missouri. Each year the Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum hosts a multi-day conference for individuals all over the world, particularly the country of Germany. By supporting this conference, we are promoting our hotels, restaurants, shopping and natural areas to attendees.
  • A partnership was built and executed with the City of Perryville and the regional 573 magazine publication. This has resulted in six promotional ads a year highlighting events in our community, to highlighting all things great about Perryville and Perry County with the execution of the “We Love Perryville” campaign.
  • Produced a Hiking Brochure featuring the best natural hiking opportunities in Perry County.
  • Produced a new tri-fold brochure promoting the Perry County Courthouse, its history and the new on-site walking tours.
  • Created and printed a brand new map of Perry County, and all it has to offer. This includes restaurants, retail shops, breweries, wineries, natural areas, and the eight local cultural sites.
  • Partnered with the Saxon Lutheran Memorial board and Missouri Humanities Council to showcase the memorial grounds with a brochure featuring all buildings on the property and their events. This will be used in conjunction with new bus tours to the area.
  • Created and promoted NINE aspects of Perryville and Perry County through paper printed profile sheets/guides: Discover Perry County, Airport Fly-Ins, Path 2 Promiseland, Faith 2 Freedom Tour, Agritainment, BOTS, Old Timer’s Day, Missouri’s National Vietnam Memorial, Christmas Country Church Tour, Motorcycle Guide
  • Partnered with local photographer to create, print and promote Perry County Postcards for guests and even locals!
  • Lead the efforts and promotions for the following projects in Perryville and Perry County:
    • Rainbow Trout at Legion Lake
    • Shawnee Indian Dig Sites (2)
    • German Inventory
    • Tourism Study
    • Malone Clan Expeditions, Travels with Germans/Americans
    • Dr. Carolyn Show
  • Supported the following events/projects by speaking at the events:
    • Missouri Community Betterment Presentations
    • Carterville Chamber of Commerce: EDA Community Retreat (Carterville, IL)

For more information, contact Perry County Heritage Tourism Director, Trish Erzfeld at 573-517-2069 or 

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