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17th Annual Christmas Country Church Tour

December 16 & 17, 2021 from 2pm-9pm. Self-guided tour of thirty-nine unique century-old rural churches. From one room white clad houses to brick and mortar masterpieces, experience the culture, history and beauty of the holiday season.

American Tractor Museum

Celebrating the iconic machine and backbone of America. Tour this rare and unique collection walking you through the evolution of the machine that plowed, planted and harvested the American dream.

Ball Mill Resurgence Natural Area

Designated as a natural area in 1979, Ball Mill is one of the best examples of a Karst formation in the state. Learn more on their website!

Brazeau School Museum

Brazeau School Musuem est.1879 is a time capsule for the community of Brazeau and the local area. From lace to ice skates and chalk boards to checker boards the school displays artifacts that tell the history of this rural place and its people.

Catholic Heritage Center & Museum

The Catholic Heritage Center & Museum focuses on the Perry County communities of Apple Creek and Biehle and their deep roots in the Catholic faith.

Die Kleine Schule

German for “The Little School.” Built in 1898, served as a day school where the children of the Concordia Lutheran parish were taught “reading, riting, and rithmetic” as well as religion. Today it serves as local tour site

Eggers & Co. General Store Bed & Breakfast

Based on collective memories, a stay at Eggers and Co. General Store B&B is reminiscent of visiting grandparents in the country. After a pleasant drive through the beautiful countryside of Perry County, the story of rural America comes alive.<

Grandma Bea’s Natural Products

All-natural products, essential oils and home remedies personally made on our family farm in rural southeast Missouri. Nothing artificial – just wholesome and homemade!

Hadler Shoe Tree

The Shoe Tree named after Willard and Glenda Hadler found on PCR 324 right off of Hwy C is open 365 days a year for your shoe slinging enjoyment. But please be respective. Only shoes are to be left behind.

Hill of Peace Friedenberg Church

If you are of Bavarian German Lutheran descent from Perry County, Missouri, you are likely related to this group that created the Friedenberg Peace Lutheran Church.

Historic Faherty House

The Faherty House built between 1827 and 1831 is located at 11 S. Spring Street in Perryville, Mo. The four room brick and stone house has been restored to two different time periods.

Horse Island (Lewis & Clark Lookout Point)

As the sun was starting to set on Nov. 25, 1803, Lewis and Clark saw Tower Rock, a famous landmark to all rivermen. Lewis described the “immense and dangerous” whirlpool that formed below the rock in high water. Horse Island is on levee downst